7 Oral Hygiene Gift Ideas for Christmas

‘Tis the season for gift-giving to show friends and family how much they mean to us. Since we know that many of you prefer to buy gifts that promote better oral hygiene, here are some Christmas gift ideas that would help your loved ones maintain their pearly whites. Electric toothbrushes Rechargeable electric toothbrushes can help keep our teeth and gums... read more »

7 Types of Snacks to You Must Avoid

Now that the holidays are almost upon us, you’ll no doubt be tempted to indulge in traditional holiday treats. This means a sudden exposure to unhealthy snacks that could damage your teeth and send you to the dentist right after the holidays. We see this often and that’s why we thought we’d share the top 7 snacks that have ruined... read more »

Overcome Dental Anxiety and Fear of the Dentist

Dental phobia is a real thing and is one of the reasons many people avoid the dentist. They’d rather wait until things get bad. For some, their phobia can be so intense that they get panic attacks and severe dental anxiety from just thinking about going to the dentist. A common one for phobia is the nerves in the head... read more »

Best Dental Health Resolutions for 2021

Thinking of doing more this year to protect and improve your teeth? If you’re not sure where to start with your dental resolutions, here are some of the best examples that worked for our patients. Keep COVID-19 at bay You’re probably wondering what healthy teeth have to do with COVID-19. One way to minimize your risk of getting the virus... read more »

6 Reasons People Avoid the Dentist

Has it been a while since you visited the dentist? You’re not alone. According to a survey, although the majority of Americans agree that oral health is important, 85.9% children and 64.9% adults only visit the dentist once a year. This is also true for some of our new patients, including some who had not sat in a dentist chair... read more »

What is preventative dentistry?

Preventative dentistry are the tasks you do yourself or with the help of your dental team to take care of your teeth. They’re tasks you do to ensure your teeth stay strong and healthy, and to prevent any past dental issues from returning. If you want to keep your teeth for a long as possible, make preventative dentistry tasks a... read more »

5 Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dental services, such as fitting porcelain veneers, swapping metal fillings for white aesthetic fillings, and getting a cosmetic dental implant, are procedures that improve the appearance of your teeth to enhance your smile. These procedures also incorporate methods that strengthen your teeth and reduce the chances of further damage. There are numerous reasons to get cosmetic dentistry. Here are our... read more »

How to get the most out of Invisalign®

Recently got Invisalign® and wondering how to get the most out of it? Let’s look at the benefit of wearing your invisible teeth aligners the right way and how to get the most out of them. Why wear Invisalign®? Your Invisalign® are an effective, pain-free way to improve your smile by gently and gradually shifting your teeth into position. These... read more »

How to Prevent Cavities in Permanent Teeth

From the moment your adult teeth started to appear, you’ve been told to avoid cavities that could cause you to lose your teeth. Yet, untreated cavities (also called tooth decay or caries) in permanent teeth remains the most common health condition in the world. We believe that it’s because many people are not told how cavities are formed and the... read more »

6 Reasons Preventative Dental Care Is So Important

Dental appointments shouldn’t only be left for when you have a dental emergency. Just like a car needs regular servicing to keep it running for years, your teeth and gums need regular ‘servicing’ in the form of professional preventative dental care by a dental team. Put briefly, preventative dental services involve your dental team routinely checking, examining, cleaning, repairing and... read more »